10 Things To Do in Cambridge MA

Here's our top 10 things to do in Cambridge MA including restaurants, shopping, activities, arts, and culture. There's so much to do and see in Kendall Square, Harvard Square, and Central Square that this guide to Cambridge will surely point you in the right direction.
People walk around Harvard Square on a sunny day in Cambridge, MA.

In this series, we share our top ten things to do in Cambridge, MA and other cities where we operate our Food Tours and Chocolate Tours. Yes, we think you should try one of our tours of Harvard Square or Kendall Square or Central Square, which is an incredible way to explore this intellectual haven. If you’re here longer, check out these other ideas which are activities that Sam and I love doing together and with guests.



Visit the Harvard Art Museums


A short walk from Harvard Square, there’s many Harvard museums which are top quality, even an entire exhibit dedicated to gemstones and cacao in the Harvard Museum of Natural History. There are also glass flowers at this museum. Or if fine art is more your style, check out the Arthur M Sackler museum which has an impressive atrium or the Peabody Museum of Archaeology which we really “dig.” Afterwards take our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour.



Play chess in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA


Although the famous Au Bon Pain is no longer there on Holyoke Street, you can still play chess in front of the new Student Center which is open to the public and contains a variety of small businesses for guests to enjoy. And afterwards you can go to Leavitt and Peirce which is over 100 years old and sells tobacco, razors, and other specialty goods.



Visit the MIT Museum


We love a good hologram! Learn all about the latest science innovation as well as what a “smoot” is at this really fun and zany place! We love our Kendall Square Food Innovation Tour, and MIT Museum is a great place to start.

10 Things To Do in Cambridge MA

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10 Things To Do in Cambridge MA



Catch a movie at Brattle Theater


Since 1953, the Brattle is the “unofficial film school” of the area and hosts everything from indie film festivals to silent movies.



Longfellow’s Cambridge for brunch or coffee/tea/beer


Do you ever enter a place and immediately feel good? That’s how we feel about Longfellow’s Cambridge. It’s fresh, it’s cool, it’s welcoming, it’s just good people. And it’s a short walk from Central Square in nearby Inman Square which has an eclectic mix of delicious eats.



Visit the Museum of Science including Segway Tour and Mugar Omni Theater


Okay so technically the MOS is in Boston bordering Cambridge, but it’s super close to Kendall Square and you can take a stroll down by the Charles River right afterwards.



Kayak down Charles River or watch the rowers from the most beautiful tree-lined street Memorial Drive


Our favorite street in Cambridge (and in the entire world really) is the tree-lined street of Memorial Drive! You can grab a chai at nearby Darwin’s and enjoy the river from a bench or grassland. On Sundays it’s often closed from traffic.



Catch live music or a show at the A.R.T., Club Passim, Toad, Lizard Lounge, Middle East, or The Sinclair


There’s music galore in Cambridge, and a great show happening nightly. Explore these favorite venues of ours and let us know what you see or hear.



Tour Longfellow House


Brattle Street in Harvard Square in general is a very cool street to roam around looking at the architecture, but we are partial to the tour of this national historic site which was once Washington’s headquarters. You can try our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour to acquaint yourself with the neighborhood and cobblestone streets, and don’t forget to take a photo of yourself with Harvard Square butterfly wings.



Wander through Central Square and view the public art murals


Having lived in Central Square, we truly appreciate the diversity and excitement of this area. Our Central Square Food and Mural Arts Tour showcases the diverse art murals of this fun area and highlights the most delicious eats. Join us!


Now that we’ve listed ten fun activities to do in Cambridge, we feel like we could list a million more. So consider this part one in a series of fun things to do in Cambridge. And join us soon on a Cambridge Tour including our Kendall Square Food Tour, Central Square Food and Mural Arts Tour, Harvard Square Food Tour or Harvard Square Chocolate Tour!

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