Best Cookies in Boston (and Massachusetts)

The best cookies in Boston and Massachusetts including Somerville, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Lowell, and Northampton. Do you love cookies and baked goods? Look no further than this list for the best cookies in Boston!
Cookies and various pastries are displayed at a local cafe behind glass as seen on Off the Beaten Path Food Tour's Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour.

Well, we run a famous Harvard Square Chocolate Tour and Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour, so it’s safe to say we LOVE chocolate. We also love cookies! Here’s our guide to:


Best Cookies in Boston, Massachusetts




Flour (Harvard Square, Cambridge)

It’s safe to say we’ve tested all the “regulars” in the array of cookies at Flour Bakery, and they do not disappoint. On our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour, we explain the ins and outs of how the team chose the chocolate that they are sourcing for their cookies. And, they also have some incredible gluten-free cookies and those using alternative grains such as rye flour.

Address: 114 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge





FoMu (Jamaica Plain, Boston)

We love baked goods, and on our JP Vegan Chocolate Tour we sample all kinds of treats. One of our favorite cookies is served at FoMu in Jamaica Plain — their mouthwatering array of indulgent vegan treats tantalize the senses, and you’ll never know there’s no milk.

Address: 617 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston


Cookies and various pastries are displayed at a local cafe behind glass as seen on Off the Beaten Path Food Tour's Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour.




Roost (Northampton, Massachusetts)

If you have a chance to travel to Western Mass., you cannot miss Roost in Northampton. A bit off the beaten path, this cafe was started by two area couples, and they are known for having the best cookies and bars in Northampton, MA. Try the cowgirl cookie or the gingersnap!

Address: 1 Market Street, Northampton, MA





Bloc Cafe (Union Square, Somerville)

From scratch cookies just make all of the difference! We love the cookies at Bloc Cafe in Union Square, Somerville — most notably their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which are hearty and oh-so-dippable into a hot tea or coffee.

Address: 11 Bow Street, Somerville, MA





Neighborhoods Cafe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Probably the largest cookie you’ll find in Boston, and one of the tastiest — Neighborhoods is featured on our Fenway Food Tour, and we LOVE everything about them. From their coffee prepared with care to their baked goods to their crepes, stopping here will bring a smile to your face.

Address: 96 Peterborough Street, Boston, MA

A pile of cookies in a box as seen on Off the Beaten Path Food Tours' Fenway Neighborhood Food Tour.




Levain Bakery (Boston, Massachusetts)

An international favorite, we definitely enjoy the thick and filling Levain Bakery cookies that are now on Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay. Bet you can’t eat two, they’re so rich and fudgy and delicious!

Address: 180 Newbury Street, Boston, MA


postcard cookies

If you’re looking for something a bit more indulgent, check out our Most Indulgent Desserts post or our Favorite Ice Cream in town!

On every Boston Food Tour and Chocolate Tour, we serve a variety of unique foods and treats to tickle your taste buds and indulge your senses and sweet tooths. Really, there is something for everyone on our unique experiences. So check our Tour Calendar and join us this week.

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