The Best Mexican Food in Boston

What's the best Mexican food in Boston? Is there authentic Mexican food in Boston? We have tried a lot of spots, and here are our favorites to date!

We love Mexican food! However, Boston does not have the best reputation for Mexican food, especially authentic mexican or el Salvadoran cuisine.  Do not fret! We have searched high and low in Boston for the best Mexican food in Boston, and here’s what we found. Of course there’s always room for more to try! Some Mexican food is super fancy and some is more casual. But so much is so tasty! Here’s our best Mexican food in Boston in no particular order.



Barra (Union Square, Somerville)


On our Union Square Food Tour, we visit Barra, which literally means “bar” in Spanish. Have you ever tried a fried grasshopper? We love them here and try them on the tour. Opened in 2020, this neighborhood spot has a menu that was originally created by a mexican chef the owners adored. They also have a delicious quesadilla using blue corn hand pressed tortilla and queso oaxaca. Pictured is their hibiscus water which is a lot of fun to drink and very refreshing. Take our tour on Saturdays to check out this interesting spot and to learn more!

The Best Mexican Food in Boston




Tenoch (Davis Square, Somerville and others)


We do have a Davis Square Food Tour, and we’ve been visiting Tenoch for years – their torta is quite yummy! Everything savory in their restaurant is super rich and tasty — they don’t skimp on flavor. Started by brothers from Veracruz, Mexic0 — this chain has expanded.



Angela’s (East Boston, Massachusetts)


We once did a ton of research on starting an East Boston Food Tour, and Angela’s is the place we kept going back to again and again. Known for their cheap eats that are super delicious and fresh with many organic options, this spot has everything from breakfast to lunch. You can eat your way through the menu from pancakes to burritos to quesadillas to tacos. It’s all really that good.


The Best Mexican Food in Boston

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The Best Mexican Food in Boston




Chilacates (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)


On our Jamaica Plain Food Tour, we visit Chilacates — which has since expanded to locations all the way out in Newton. Their tacos are especially yummy and include radish which makes a crunchy bite — and we even love their sweet tamales. Billed as Mexican street food, go in if you want to carry out a quick bite — like hand made corn tortillas. Ask for different spice levels.



Tu Y Yo (Somerville, Massachusetts)


A sit-down Mexican spot, Tu Y You is right outside of Davis Square near Tufts. It’s a great date night Mexican restaurant because the folks working there are really friendly, and the seating is cozy and romantic. We like their mole sauce, so if you like chicken with enchiladas this is the spot — they also have yummy plantains and tamales as well.



Casa Romero (Back Bay, Boston)


For an even more upscale date, you can try Casa Romero in the Back Bay. We love their outdoor patio — and they have delicious tequila! Some highlights include: people watching, delicious seafood dishes, and their wonderful sangria. Yum!



El Potro (Union Square, Somerville and Lowell, Massachusetts)

Looking for Central American cuisine? You’ll find it at El Potro! We loved stopping here on our Lowell Food Tour. The most striking part of the visit is the colorful hand-carved mexican furniture that you’ll sit in. You can really indulge here — all of the satisfying items from many kinds of enchiladas to quesadillas are present, and your belly will be satiated. They even have a live Mariachi band some weeknights.



Amuleto (Waltham, MA)

If you need gluten-free Mexican food, try Amuleto as they don’t use gluten in their kitchen. It’s fun for a date night or night out with friends. They serve a bunch of small plates, from tacos to ceviche.



Acitron (Arlington, MA)

They have a nice little patio here in Arlington, and they use “family recipes” for their food which includes local ingredients. You feel like everything is homemade! So there’s a bit of creativity on the menu — and it’s local neighborhood gem.



Rudy’s Cafe (Somerville, MA)

Another spot right outside of Davis Square, Somerville is Rudy’s which has quite a following. More of a Tex-Mex place, it’s reasonably priced so you can get a good value if you’re watching your wallet. And if you’re in the mood, they have really yummy margaritas.



Sol Azteca (Boston, MA)

If it’s a nice day, call in advance for outdoor dining! One of the first authentic Mexican food restaurants in Boston, we’ve been frequenting it for decades — cannot get enough of their yummy guacamole, and they serve all the staples. Owner Rafael worked for the founder of Casa Romero (see above) on Newbury Street.



Lolita (Boston, MA)

The definition of trendy, this spot has delicious atmosphere and cuisine! They call themselves “playful” and it’s safe to say you’ll have to go visit yourself to see what they mean.


The Best Mexican Food in Boston

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The Best Mexican Food in Boston



Patzcuaro Taqueria (Newton, MA)

A tiny hole in the wall, they offer small plates from birria to tortas. You’ll feel like you’re back in Mexico being served by a family.



Taqueria El Amigo (Waltham, MA)

Another “cheap eats” packed with flavor is this Waltham casual spot that has authentic tacos (skips the cheese and sour cream!) It’s pure juicy, flavorful and jam packed bites.



Taquismo Tacos (Union Square, Somerville, MA inside Bow Market)

Owner Hiram comes from Tijuana, and he knows his food! You can’t get more authentic than this — it’s a food stall within Bow Market which we visit on our Union Square, Somerville Food Tour. Can’t wait to show you around!



So that’s our round-up of our favorite Mexican food in Boston. What did we miss?


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