The Best Vegan Food in Boston + Cambridge + Somerville

Although we enjoy all kinds of food, Sam and I often favor vegan food. Especially since dairy is so-so for Sam, and his parents often eat vegan food, we have definitely integrated it into our diet in the past few years.
Looking for vegan food in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville?

When we were thinking about our new Jamaica Plain Chocolate Tour, we thought it would be a fun challenge to create a Vegan Chocolate Tour of Boston! And that’s what we did. Our Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour runs weekly on Saturdays! So, vegan or non-vegan; carnivore or omnivore; chocoholics unite on this fun and interesting tour where you’ll be guaranteed to: a) Learn a TON about chocolate! b) Visit many small independent shops created by JP locals and c) Have a blast!

In the meantime, here’s a list of our favorite food for a vegan lifestyle in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

Somerville Vegan Food:

  • Oat Shop: breakfast of champs with steel cut oats and yummy flavors!
  • Amsterdam Falafelshop: delicious falafel, toppings like beets, and fries!
  • True Bistro: a higher-end vegan dinner experience!
  • Veggie Crust: our go-to pizza with a yummy multi-grain thin crust!
  • Taco Party: vegan tacos – need we say more!?
  • NU Kitchen: allll the avocado toast, sides, and then some!

Did you know our Davis Square Food Tour can be made vegetarian or vegan? So can our Jamaica Plain Food Tour and Central Square Food and Mural Arts Tour! Just specify your request at booking.

Jamaica Plain Vegan Food:

  • Cafe Beirut: a chef-driven menu with fresh Lebanese fare!
  • Carrot Flower: from vegan smoothies to soups, toasts, and desserts, delish!
  • FoMu: incredible vegan ice cream and also hot chocolate and baked goods

Cambridge Vegan Food:

  • Whole Heart Provisions: this team puts its whole heart into its offerings including fresh veggies!
  • Veggie Galaxy: a vegan diner that’s got all kinds of comfort food
  • Bao Nation: we love this spot, which has vegan and gluten-free bao!
  • Zuzu and the Middle East: listen to some tunes and try some vegan eats!
  • Abide: try some vegan bubble tea at this unique mocktail spot!

And in the past we’ve really enjoyed the farm-to-table vegan meal kits from Al FreshCo which are tasty and super convenient and supports small local farms.

What are your favorite vegan items and restaurants? We can’t wait to hear about them! Comment on our Facebook post and let us know what to check out. When we started our company, we wanted to make sure that we accommodated as many dietary requirements as possible so as to let our guests know that they’re welcome in our neighborhoods. We have worked hard to craft menus for our tours that accommodate things like dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. So please use our filter on the All Tours page to determine if you can attend a tour, but if you have any questions at all about our ability to serve you please contact us.

See you on Saturday!
Lizzie and Sam

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