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Two polaroids showing Lowell Mill No. 5 and Downtown Lowell.   

Lowell, MA has experienced an incredible revitalization in the recent decade. The home of the country’s first CVS, Market Basket, and even co-ed public school, Lowell is a unique city that was created in the 1800’s as a planned manufacturing city.

Once home to 40 mills, most have been re-purposed into interesting museums, art spaces, and local residences. Join us as we explore this historic town and learn more about its history, past and present, as well as enjoy a diversity of cuisine to represent Lowell as a melting pot of cultures.

The annual Lowell Folk Festival is a wonderful event that brings thousands every summer, but there’s so much more to see and do in Lowell than once a year. 

Did you know that Jack Kerouac is from Lowell? His family came over in the 1870’s with other French Canadians. Since then, other diverse groups from Greece, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Cambodia, Puerto Rico, and African countries have contributed to a surge in popularity that’s resulted in quite an interesting place close to Boston.

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