10 Most Indulgent Desserts in Boston

Boston Sweets! Do you have the biggest sweet tooth like we do? Sometimes it's okay to indulge your craving in Boston with a rich, indulgent treat. On our Boston Chocolate Tours and Food Tours, a #1 thing to do in Boston, we visit a number of incredible places for dessert, but not every spot is extremely indulgent and rich. We like to craft a full experience for our guests to not only taste at 4-7 spots but also to enjoy some sweet treats on every tour. Here are some of our favorite indulgent desserts in Boston:



Chocolate Taco
Honeycomb Creamery in Porter Square

In Boston, Taco Tuesday is a real thing, especially at Honeycomb Creamery in Porter Square! They take a waffle cone and fold it into a “taco” shell, filling it with ice cream and topping it with fudge and even recently they had a s’mores taco with marshmallow topping rolled in graham crackers.




Chocolate Mousse in a Waffle Cone
Gate Comme De Filles in Somerville

There’s definite chocolate experts at this gourmet shop in Bow Market in Somerville. For an indulgent treat to the max, try their chocolate waffle cone filled with chocolate mousse. This creamy sweet is almost like a melted fluffy cheesecake — so pop the Zantac and indulge!



S’Mores Pie
Rosebud Kitchen Diner in Davis Square, Somerville

A Somerville staple for homemade pies, Rosebud Diner wows! You can pretend that you’re here for a drink or dinner, but the truth is your belly is saving room for dessert.



Fainted Pikachu
The Scoop and Scootery in Arlington

Typically ice cream sundaes are served with a dainty spoon after a yummy meal. With Scoop N Scootery, you can throw caution to the wind, grab your PJs, power the TV remote, and let go at home while indulging in a delicious sundae. One of our favorites, since we love cake and ice cream, is the Fainted Pikachu. Chocolate and cake batter ice cream with a frosted red velevet core topped with brownie bites and fudge. Need we say more?

10 Most Indulgent Desserts in Boston

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10 Most Indulgent Desserts in Boston



Chocolate Truffles: Red Velvet or Chocolate Birthday Cake
Milk Bar in Harvard Square

On our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour, we love visiting this local outpost of the famed NYC eatery. Another delicious bakery is Levain Bakery which opened on Newbury Street – their cookies are very thick and filling.



Chocolate B’Day Truffles
Milk Bar in Harvard Square

On our Friday Night Harvard Square Chocolate Tour, a wonderful Boston date night activity, we sample this rich and indulgent chocolate birthday truffle at Milk Bar. Hailing from the NYC Momofuku staple, this treat designed by Christina Tosi who grew up baking with her grandmother is just the right size. Sort of like a cake pop, this truffle has a taste of FUN.



7Ate9 Bakery in Davis Square, Somerville

Take a walk down Highland Ave in Somerville towards the Armory, or better yet — BIKE down the Minuteman Path and turn down Highland Ave to try this delicious treat. Pack an extra bag to transport more of these mini cheesecakes home; voted Best Cheesecake in Boston by the Food Network! We LOVE them and know you will too.



Handcrafted Donuts
Davis Square Donuts in Davis Square, Somerville

Super-size your craving! Davis Square Donuts in Somerville serves up giant donuts the size of your head! And do they know how to turn on the sweetness! Some specialty donuts they’ve served recently include a whoopie pie donut filled with sweet creamy icing, a Somerville Cream donut full of marshmallow fluff, delicious strawberry shortcake donuts with fresh strawberries and powdered sugar on top, and chocolate donuts with honey crunch on top. If that doesn’t float your boat, down the street on Saturdays When Pigs Fly serves extra large donuts that also rival these. Or seek out our neighbor @ Union Square Donuts. We eat donuts on our Somerville Food Tours every weekend — so save your appetite!




Chocolate Half Moons
Lyndells Bakery in Ball Square, Somerville

Icing on the cake — we love a good family owned business, and Lyndells in Somerville doesn’t disappoint. Over in nearby Ball Square, these half moon cookies come in chocolate and vanilla bases, and they’re often having a sale. Jerry Seinfeld thought that the black and white cookie would unite us all, and we agree — this indulgent treat is fun for chocolate and vanilla lovers alike! Some may say Boston Cream Pie is the original Boston dessert, but we like to think half moons are a tastier delight. And their eclairs aren’t shabby, either!



Brown Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream
Eventide Fenway in Boston

On our Fenway Food Tour, we love eating this sweet treat in the shadow of Fenway Park. It’s kind of funny because we’re trying to explain brown butter like, it’s brown… butter. I guess there’s nothing much to it besides the yummy caramelization of the ​butter that brings out a rich, nutty flavor complemented by the bourbon caramel. Altogether, it’s a rich, indulgent treat — and as you know, us Bostonians will eat ice cream year-round!


On every Boston Food Tour and Chocolate Tour, we serve a variety of unique sweets and treats to tickle your taste buds and indulge your senses and sweet tooths. Really, there is something for everyone on our unique experiences. So check our Tour Calendar and join us this week.

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