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Boston has a TON of candy and chocolate history. Did you know that Baker's chocolate was actually named for Dr. James Baker from Dorchester, Massachusetts in the 1700's? He had the perfect last name for this baking products company!

And those little Valentine’s Day Sweethearts candies originated from the New England Candy Company (NECCO) that was started in Boston as well.

You may see the Schrafft’s building in Charlestown from the highway. Yup, it was a chocolate, candy, and cake company until the 1960’s.

All this chocolate manufacturing talk, and Somerville comes to mind — right? No?? Well Taza Chocolate has grown from a tiny bean to bar operation to a huge globally sold chocolate-making company, and they OFFER TOURS OF THEIR AMAZING CHOCOLATE FACTORY RIGHT IN SOMERVILLE!! Yes!!

Tours run every day from Tuesday – Sunday, and you should definitely register in advance online because they often sell out. Sam and I have been on their tours multiple times and are just *obsessed* with their Stone Ground chocolate, made in the style of Mexican chocolate where they grind cacao beans using hand-carved granite millstones.

Taza also has a brand new cocoa classroom where they do unique tasting panels and offer a host of kid-friendly story-time chocolate events that are sure to intrigue and wow. Check out their tour website for full information.

Insider Tip: Best of all, if you can’t make it out to Taza for a tour, try their chocolate on our Off The Beaten Path food tour in Somerville — we love to give out samples of Taza whenever possible because we believe full-heartedly in their delicious, homegrown stone-ground discs of chocolately goodness, and we will never waiver!

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