Best Pizza in Boston (and Massachusetts)

The best pizza in Boston and Massachusetts including Somerville, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Lowell, and Northampton. Do you love pizza? Look no further than this list for the best pizza in Boston!
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If there’s one food that we can’t get enough of, it’s pizza! Maybe it’s Sam’s New York roots, but we are pizza fiends. Have you looked for the best pizza in Boston or best pizza in Massachusetts? Well, look no further! We have put together our list of our favorite pizza spots in Boston and beyond, the places that we tour. Did we miss any? Send us your favorite pizza in Boston!


Best Pizza in Massachusetts




Picco (South End, Boston)

Mmm, Picco actually means “pizza and ice cream company”, and that’s basically what our standard order is when we are there. Have you ever had a really delicious dinner roll? Well, to us the Picco pizza is like eating a delicious pillowy dinner roll with tangy tomato sauce – and it’s crispy and wood-grilled on the outside — the char lends a ton of flavor! We typically start with their arugula salad which they kindly split in half for two, followed by a large pizza with garlic and ricotta additions, and a small sundae each for dessert – to die for! Now if only they delivered to our area, that would be dangerous….!

Address: 513 Tremont Street, Boston South End

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Flatbread Pizza in Somerville (Davis Square, Somerville)

On Wednesdays for much of the year, the Davis Square Farmers Market is in the lot outside of Flatbread, and their chefs have been known to pick up some local produce for their pizza. Their weekly specials are listed on a chalkboard and include all sourcing information for everything from their cheese to vegetables, and best of all their wood-fired grill sparkles (it was hand-made by community members!) Our favorite pizza is the Somerville Community Flatbread which has delicious and sweet caramelized onions and is sliced in thin pieces to maximize your eating pleasure. Best of all, you can go bowling too! Try it on our Davis Square Somerville Food Tour.

Address: 45 Day Street, Somerville, Davis Square

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Za (Kendall Square, Cambridge)

On our Kendall Square, Cambridge Food Tour we stop at Za and Evoo, sister restaurants which really are the heart of Kendall Square. We are lucky to meet with their chefs and learn first-hand how dedicated they really are to excellence and customer service. Their pizza flavors are fresh and delicious, from corn pizza to mac and cheese pizza – you won’t find anything else this fresh and inventive!

Address: 350 Third Street, Cambridge, Kendall Square

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Regina Pizzeria (Fenway, Boston)

The Official Pizza of the Red Sox for a reason, Regina Pizza is as Boston as the Citgo sign! Started in the North End, this outpost near Fenway Park is a joyful place to grab a quick slice, but you can also try it inside the Park. The pizza is always a hit, no frills, and the perfect non-greasy slice — join our Fenway Food Tour to try it yourself!

Address: 1330 Boylston Street, Fenway, Boston

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Pizza and Sub Stop (Lowell, Massachusetts)

Honestly, you haven’t lived until you’ve had tikka masala pizza – hot and steamy and incredible flavors, we are HERE for this fusion. In Lowell, there’s no place that does it better than Pizza and Sub Stop, a hole in the wall on Merrimack Street just steps from the first CVS — try their Indian pizza menu, and you won’t be disappointed.

Address: 5 Merrimack Street, Lowell





Pinocchio’s (Harvard Square, Cambridge)

Yes it is Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite pizza from the time he was a student at Harvard. And it’s also a favored slice in Harvard Square. Pinocchio’s delivers a delicious pie, cut in rectangular pieces. Our favorite is their traditional Sicilian tomato basil, and the crust is light and airy so you won’t feel weighed down. Curious to try some? Take our Harvard Square Food Tour this Sunday, and we’ll indulge!

Address: 73 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, Harvard Square

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Veggie Crust (Union Square, Somerville)

Rare is there a delicious multigrain crust, but we ship Veggie Crust’s delicious thin crust multigrain with all the veggies. This spot right outside of Union Square in Somerville also has delicious vegan pizza. Our favorite is the Garden Veggie with added corn (hold the ginger and jalapenos for us!) and of course the multigrain crust. I would say it’s on speed-dial in our house. And now they have a second location in Brookline.

Address: 445 Somerville Ave., Somerville, Union Square

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Hot Box (Union Square, Somerville, Bow Market)

Well there’s bar pizza, and it’s delicious. What makes it a bar pizza, you say? Practically no crust! And we love it! At Hot Box in Somerville, you’ll find a red circular pie filled to the brim with sauce and cheese — just sizzling with flavor. Their 10″ South Shore pies are available inside Bow Market, which we visit on our Union Square Somerville Food Tour on Sundays.

Address: 1 Bow Market Way, Somerville, Union Square
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Romanos Pizza (Roslindale, Boston)

While doing research for our Roslindale Boston Food Tour, we discovered Romano’s sicilian slice. Although it’s currently a mix of mexican and italian offerings, this pizza spot fits right in town which has diverse roots. There are lots of delicious Italian spots around Roslindale from Tony’s Market to Sophia’s Grotto.

Address: 4249 Washington Street, Roslindale, Boston

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Bella Luna & The Milky Way (Jamaica Plain, Boston)

My favorite memory is visiting here on Pie (3.14) day because they really have fun with it. You can’t go wrong with a pizza at Bella Luna — right near the Sam Adams brewery. They have a variety of cosmic pizzas and also a full menu if you’re interested in doing a pizza as an app instead. Try our Jamaica Plain Food Tour for more delicious options!

Address: 284 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston




HighBrow (Northampton, MA)

Yum! HighBrow hearth pies are just what the doctor ordered – and we were excited to find them while researching for our Northampton Food Tours! Chef Drew runs a full wood-fired kitchen, and he uses high quality ingredients that delight and inspire — from short rib pizza to truffle mushroom.

Address: 12 Crafts Avenue, Northampton, MA

On every Boston Food Tour and Chocolate Tour, we serve a variety of unique foods and treats to tickle your taste buds and indulge your senses and sweet tooths. Really, there is something for everyone on our unique experiences. So check our Tour Calendar and join us this week.

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