Goldenstash and other Public Art

Ever walk by some place hundreds of times but never really notice it? Pretty soon it becomes ingrained in the fabric of your day, but you never stop to connect the dots.

Our Somerville food tours provide the opportunity to consider Davis and Union Squares in a new light. You’ll uncover fascinating history that you never knew, meet owners of local shops that you’ve never walked into, and try foods unlike any you’ve ever had!

Somerville is made up of deliberate design. But there’s also strikingly beautiful organic public art all around town. One of our favorites is the infamous underground “Goldenstash” graffiti sticker who we have been following for years! Now that we’ve pointed it out to you, YOU are going to look for this icon around town on the back of signs, in hallways, and even bar bathrooms. Let us know where you find him!

Also check out this article to read more about the secret guy behind the sticker. Life is fun, and underground graffiti makes things more colorful and interesting.

Insider tip: Did you know there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to following Somerville graffiti @somervillegraff?

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