Jamaica Plain, Boston Love!

Sam and I love living in Camberville, and we certainly don't have immediate plans of leaving the area, but if there was one area of town that we wished was much MUCH closer to us, it would be Jamaica Plain, which is located in the City of Boston near Brookline and Fenway Park.
A black and white photo of a historic house in Jamaica Plain, Boston. 
It can take us over an hour to drive to Jamaica Plain on a busy traffic day, and so when we do go there we tend to make it “count” by hitting up multiple restaurants and shops in one day. In fact, we’ve been known to get there for breakfast and not leave until after dinner, finding things to do and eat along the way.

There are lots of similarities between Jamaica Plain — called “JP” by the locals — and Somerville. Although Somerville has double the number of residents as JP, both cities’ cultural impact locally is significant. One notable similarity is that both communities love Porch Fest where residents jam out on the open air patios of neighbors and attendees walk or bike from stop to stop. They both have residents who want to keep things “neighborly” and also have significant biking cultures, a DIY scene, and most notably a unique and diverse and delicious food scene!

In preparation for the tours in Jamaica Plain, we spent lots of time not only researching the history of the local food establishments but also the history of JP itself. Did you know there are over six theories of how JP got its name? We are excited about our Jamaica Plain food tour, on which you’ll be able to taste everything from Lebanese food that uses family recipes from over 100 years ago — to locally brewed kombucha tea — to the freshest tacos you could ever eat — to a beer made with ingredients all from Massachusetts. Won’t you join us?

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