Kendall Square, Cambridge – Full of Innovation and Eats!

While researching for our new Kendall Square Food Tour, we knew we had our work cut out for us! Not only were we tasked with finding the best eats in town, but also we wanted to find guides who had familiarity with the area and could truly do justice to the innovative happening here.

Long an abandoned manufacturing area, it wasn’t until recently that Kendall Square, Cambridge has seen its revival. But boy has the area changed in the last decade! I’d venture to say that there are more PhD graduates working in one city block of Kendall Square than in anywhere else in the world. This is the city that has brought us the likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Android and has shaped the minds of people like CIC’s Tim Rowe and countless collaborative and brilliant scientists at institutes like the Broad or the Whitehead. You may find a self-driving car casually parked outside of Draper Labs or glance at one of the world’s smallest gene sequencers as you stroll down Main Street.

If you’re interested in exploring the food side of this revitalized neighborhood, you’re in luck! On this fun tour, you’ll spend an afternoon wandering through these impressive institutions to sample the city’s best eats. Because after all, rocket scientists and computer engineers need to eat, right? Well, Kendall has some of the most delicious food in Cambridge. And our tour will take you behind the scenes to learn more about the chefs behind their latest creations. We’ll even throw in a surprise or two for our guests. So leave your protractor at home, but grab your smartphone, and take an urban adventure with us through Kendall Square!

Some of our top restaurants in Kendall Square, Cambridge include:

  • EVOO
  • Mamaleh’s
  • Dumpling Daughter
  • Commonwealth
  • Glass House
  • State Park
  • Join our tour to discover these and more!

Our Kendall Square Cambridge Food and Innovation Tour runs most weeks on Saturdays from 2-5pm year-round. Book today via

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