Meet Our Guides: Michelle!

PictureOur first tour started in Davis Square, Somerville where we live, and it’s been a really important tour for us. Somerville perfectly captures what our company is all about: a neighborhood beloved by many with a unique historical importance and delicious food.

So it is important for us to have guides that know Somerville inside and out and can share its specialness with enthusiasm. When we met Michelle, we knew we found an incredible guide!

Michelle has a genuine love for Somerville and the city of Boston. She’s a true city girl, who is very active in exploring Boston neighborhoods as well as traveling the world. By day, she is an organized project manager downtown but spends her weekends cooking the world’s best salmon burger and trying out new places and activities. She was once blessed by a monk in Thailand — ask her about her adventures!

To learn more about Michelle and all of our amazing tour guides, please visit the About Us section of our website. We look forward to meeting you soon on a Somerville Food Tour! Our Somerville Food Tours run weekly. Book today via

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