The Top 4 Vegan Desserts in Boston

Vegan desserts in Boston. What can we say? Ages ago, chefs didn't always put the time and effort in to make vegan desserts and chocolate as creamy and rich as today. But nowadays, vegan desserts are extremely unique and tasty. 
Someone holds a platter full of chocolate bars on Off the Beaten Path Food Tours' Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour.

Many of our tours can be made vegan. You may be searching for vegan desserts near me. Our Jamaica Plain Boston Vegan Chocolate tour is definitely vegan, and we have vetted all of the ingredients as being dairy-free, including asking about the potential use of bone char in the sugar that’s used. That said, if you have any questions about the ingredients in any of our tour offerings, please ask the restaurants directly as they are best equipped to answer any questions about the recipe, cross-contamination, sourcing, and ethical concerns including certifications of any kind. Rest assured that we only bring you guys to high-quality, fully vetted places with delicious eats! Other tours that can be made vegan are our: Central Square Food and Mural Arts Tour, Davis Square Somerville Food Tour, and Jamaica Plain Boston Food Tour.

We care about dietary preferences on our food tours. Unlike some companies, we take great care to optimize the amount of food and chocolate our guests can eat on each experience with us. While we may not be able to accommodate restrictions at every stop, we try our best to have an alternative. All of our tours can be made vegetarian, and many can be made vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and otherwise. Please specify your preference while booking by entering your needs in the booking itself or by emailing us directly to confirm before booking.

Boston has delicious vegan offerings in general (here are some of our favorite vegan food picks).

Here are some of our favorite vegan desserts in Boston:


Ice cream

From a coconut base to almond to cashew, the folks at FoMu are magical wizards at vegan ice cream. They use less air than your typical ice cream churner, so their treats come out dense and packed with flavor, almost like a gelato. We visit them on our Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour among other treats, and all of the small businesses we stop at there are owned by local area residents.





Our favorite vegan cake in Boston is from Veggie Galaxy in Central Square, Cambridge. You may want to grab a slice after visiting our Central Square Food and Mural Arts Tour. Although somewhat pricy for the small slices, their texture is unparalleled in our opinion, and the variety is also to write home about.





Dessert for breakfast? No longer in the form of a muffin, our favorite vegan smoothies are from Life Alive Organic Cafe, Cocobeet, and Lulu Green.





We absolutely are obsessed with the chocolate brownie bites at Carrot Flower in Jamaica Plain which we visit on our JP Vegan Chocolate Tour.  We also really love the brownies at Grain Maker in Davis Square, Somerville. Make sure to check out our Davis Square Somerville Food Tour, which can be made fully vegan!


Our Food Tours and Chocolate Tours are a really fun activity for locals and visitors alike in Boston and beyond. Please check out our Tour Calendar for more details and to book your experience today! 

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