The Reviews Are In!

We are so proud of all of our tours, and we are excited to say that our newest tours in Harvard Square garnered high ratings like our Somerville Tours have done, on review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.

“We had an amazing time touring Harvard Square in Cambridge on the Chocolate Tour. We visited several shops in the area tasting and experiencing chocolate, learning about the history, tastes, and culture of chocolate. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, not only about the subject but also about details of the many places we visited. All in all a very engaging and enjoyable evening.”

– Scott

Cookies and various pastries are displayed at a local cafe behind glass as seen on Off the Beaten Path Food Tour's Jamaica Plain Vegan Chocolate Tour.

“This is another great tour for both locals and tourists. I’ve lived in the area for 9 years and had never been to any of places we stopped at! I loved how much variety there was on the tour. We got to try plenty of chocolate from local chocolate shops but also got to try more innovative foods that incorporated chocolate such as chocolate tea and chocolate baos.” 

– Elena

HARVARD CHOCO Square Food Tour_Highlight Photo 1

“We thought we knew the Harvard Square, but the tour allowed us to discover many new restaurants and new dishes at restaurants we already knew. The tour was fun, interesting and, best of all, allowed us to enjoy many great brands of chocolate. We would highly recommend this tour to any chocolate enthusiast. Thank you.” 

– Nicholas

HARVARD Square Food Tour_Feature Photo

“Our group of 6 had THE best time on this Davis Square tour with Katie. She was a tremendous guide, full of knowledge and history. The area (which we had visited but never really knew) is fascinating. We went with her to multiple locations, meeting the owners and talking to people in the shops. The food was simply delicious and the people were gracious and welcoming. We have since been back several times to a few of the shops/restaurants we visited. This is a great way to find hidden gems in the neighborhoods we love. Highly, highly recommended.” 

– Group Tour Guest

We can’t stop smiling at this feedback. It really feels like all of our hard work is paying off, and we are creating an amazing experience for our guests and restaurant partners. Motivation like this is exactly what we need to keep going as we work tirelessly to create new tours in Harvard Square including a new Chocolate Tour and a Food Tour as well as a Jamaica Plain Food Tour. You know you’re in start-up mode when you’re jotting down notes about the history of JP at 2 in the morning that you didn’t have time to look into the day before. We’re excited to start training our new guides in this month, so stay tuned for new tours on the calendar in March, and please consider taking a Somerville tour this weekend!


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