Tasting Chocolate

For many years, we've studied chocolate through educational classes and visits to manufacturing plants. Like a fine wine, chocolate is very complex and there are specific dimensions of how best to taste and appreciate it.

Here are the steps to how to taste chocolate, which you will be able to learn and practice on our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour which is a chocolate tasting tour and chocolate walking tour:




Notice the surface of the chocolate: is it glossy? matte?




Break the chocolate in half: do you hear a snap? If so, that means it was a well-tempered chocolate which is the sign of a talented chocolatier!




Rub the surface of the chocolate and see if its aromas are released.




Inhale: what do you smell?




Hold the chocolate at the roof of your mouth and let it melt slowly against your tongue.




Can you describe the taste of the chocolate? Sweet? Salty? Bitter? Umami? Chew it slowly and experience it.




Does the chocolate taste linger inside of your mouth? Notice and evaluate the taste and aftertaste.


Best of all, tasting chocolate is entirely subjective and unique to every individual. That’s why there are so many chocolate varieties out there for you to experience and critique. Also, the percentage of cacao in the chocolate bar itself indicates quantity not necessarily quality. We can’t wait to have you on a future Chocolate Tour and explore a variety of options together.

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