Sundae Delivery!

Boy are we happy to live within 3 miles of the Scoop 'N Scootery in Arlington, MA. Every Tuesday - Sunday from 3pm until 2am (gasp!), they will deliver incredible homemade sundaes to your door. Oh, yes, we are living in the age of glorious instant gratification. But even if you don't live that close, you could get sundae delivery even faster from Foodler or Grubhub.

On this particular Tuesday evening, Sam and I had a hankering for dessert while coming home from a meeting. I mean, we had to do a little “research” — take one for the team, so to speak! Order minimums are $10 with a $1.50 delivery fee.

Within minutes of arriving at The Scoop N Scootery we were drooling over two scrumptious sundaes while both eyeing the Tums because we’re over 30 hahaha. Both were incredible. We tried: the Cookie Monster: Cookie dough yogurt topped with chopped Oreos, chopped M&Ms and homemade whipped cream — and added an extra marshmallow fluff core because, Somerville. And the incredibly decadent Fainted Pikachu: Frosted red velvet cake sandwiched between chocolate and cake batter ice cream topped with brownie bites and fudge. Neither disappointed, but we had to freeze more than half of each for the next day – not a bad problem to have.

Insider tip: Two mini sundaes are $14.50 which covers the order minimum and allows you to try two flavors more reasonably — yum!

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