What It’s Like To Go On Our Davis Square Somerville Food Tour

Davis Square. We call it home, and we are excited to show it off to you. So be our guests and book a tour this coming weekend!
A pizza sits atop a plate on a wood table. 

On a recent Sunday, we were privileged to have some really fun guests take our Davis Square Food Tour with our guide, Kara. They had the best time together! The family of three comes from Hong Kong, and they loved having a private tour with Kara because it let them take tons of pictures and meet the owners and ask questions. Unlike many other neighborhoods of Boston, in Davis Square the owners are often behind the counter serving guests and providing excellent customer service. They have vision, humility, humor, and passion for food.

What It's Like To Go On Our Davis Square Somerville Food Tour
What It's Like To Go On Our Davis Square Somerville Food Tour
What It's Like To Go On Our Davis Square Somerville Food Tour



Candlepin Bowling

It was a really fun experience to try candlepin bowling which is traditional New England style “small” ball bowling. The pizza flavors were Mexican style today, and they enjoyed both specials.


Opa Greek Yeeros: Meeting George!

George is quite frankly one of our favorite people, and we’re lucky to have him as a restaurant owner in Somerville. They talked a long time about running the business and the ingredients. George also let them sample some special treats including homemade yogurt. It was such a good time!


Chocolate and Marshmallow Fluff!

We met with Chrissy at Spindler Confections, and we found out that her grandfather was also a candy maker in Cambridge. So she’s definitely keeping the tradition alive. There’s delicious candy here from fluff to chocolate to maple flavors, and they tried it all!


Spice of Life

Leah spoke passionately about the spices at Curio Spice, and they had a great conversation about marinating meats including some helpful tips and recipe suggestions. Quite the foodie experience!

We hope to see them again on another tour with us when they’re back in the States, and in the meantime we’d love to meet your smiling faces!

Our Davis Square, Somerville Food Tour runs weekdays and weekends in Somerville. Please check our tour calendar to book.

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