Best Boston Meal Kits in Boston During Coronavirus Covid Days

The best meal kits in Boston and Massachusetts including Somerville, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Lowell, and Northampton during coronavirus. Do you like takeout or food delivery in Boston? Look no further than these best meal kits in Boston! Clover, Wildgrain, Perillas and more.
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Like most of you, we are home trying stay safe from and stop the spread of Coronavirus or Covid. While home, we are experimenting with various meal kits. The coronavirus meal kits in Boston are helping us to stay healthy and eat delicious food while not leaving the house. You can do takeout or delivery in Boston during covid19, and we are here to help! Here’s our guide to:


Best Meal Kits in Boston, Massachusetts During Coronavirus




Clover Food Lab Meal Kits at Home

After weeks on end of cooking and delivery, we are starting to feel a bit “blah” from some of the buttery and oily meals we have enjoyed. It’s easy to click “add to cart” on a brownie or banana bread during an Uber Eats order from Starbucks, which is something we may not normally do in person at the store. Let’s put it this way: we were craving more healthy delivery options in Boston during coronavirus!


And boy were we lucky to have stumbled upon Clover Food Lab Meal Kits at Home! While they aren’t the cheapest option, we have found that by ordering a meal kit for 4 people which lasts 7-10 days, we can make around 5-6 meals for two of us out of it, whether it’s dinner or dessert. These meal kits cut down on our meal prep time which is great since we have newborn twins, and it also lets us supplement with a smaller Instacart grocery delivery order — all we need is fruit, meat, and occasional dessert. So we do plan on ordering the Clover Meal Kits in Boston every week and making it part of our fridge staples.

Our advice to you is to review the box options and make sure that you like more than 75% of the ingredients on the list. We have emailed them about substitutions but haven’t heard back, so we aren’t sure if there are any available. Upon reviewing the list, we decided on the gluten-free meal kit for four!

If you’ve ever been to Israel, you’ll know that salads and mezze are their way of life. Building a colorful plate of vegetables, pickled and otherwise, with hummus and tahini and some really yummy bread is vital to their existence. We found that the Clover meal kit was heavily influenced by a mediterranean lifestyle. This particular meal kit box in Boston has no gluten in it but pairs extremely well with bread. (see: Wildgrain meal kit box in this same post.)

Each of the items in the box comes in a little reusable plastic container that’s easy to store in the fridge. Although there are recommended meals, you can also just plop a bunch of salads on a plate and see what tastes good to you. We also crumbled some delicious fancy cheddar over their hearty vegetable stew. It tastes homemade like something we’d make for ourselves if we had the time. Some highlights for us include the chickpea eggplant salad, cauliflower pesto salad, lentil bulghur salad, mediterranean rice with raisins, and silky hummus. For dessert, we enjoyed nicely portioned pieces of pistachio halva (yum! fresh halva!) and delicious rhubarb mousse. We are also big Spindrift fans and enjoyed tasting the delicious local strawberry syrup in a glass of cold, refreshing sparkling seltzer.

Here’s a toast to the Clover at home boxes, and we hope they continue to offer them for many years to come!


colorful mezze on a plate      containers in a box        strawberry syrup





Perillas Bibimbap Delivery

Although this may be on hiatus for now due to their opening a new store in Somerville’s Bow Market, for the greater part of Coronavirus in Boston, we had been enjoying delicious Korean bibimbap at home with Perillas delivery. To us, there’s nothing better than tasty sweet bulgogi (theirs comes in tofu and beef versions) and soft-boiled eggs. Top it off with some yum-yum sauce which is like a tangy ketchup mayonnaise, and you’ve got some of the freshest and best bibimbap we’ve ever had. If you like it spicy, you can add some of their hot sauce liberally or you can also keep it mild and sweet with the yum-yum sauce, scallions, sesame oil, and sprinkle on some nori. Top perfectly steamed white rice with bulgogi and an array of vegetables. We highly recommend the soft boiled egg. It’s filling for lunch or dinner! This home meal kit delivery box is bursting with flavor! Check out their website to find out when their next delivery will be.



korean bulgogi in a bowl





Dreaming of Paris? A French couple now living locally in Somerville, Massachusetts has started a weekly bread delivery box in Boston. Intrigued by whole grains and unable to find delicious bread in Boston, this innovative couple started baking bread, pasta, and pastries and experimenting with ways to share with others. You can order their frozen creations delivered right to your door. Packed with dry ice, the box is pricy ($79) but worth it as you can taste their high quality ingredients! We are new parents to twins, and we have been struggling to find the time and energy to maintain our own sourdough starter. Wildgrain takes away this struggle by doing the hard work for you, and you can still enjoy homemade sourdough at home with no additives. Sink your teeth into a loaf of their incredible whole grain sourdough which comes in flavors like rye or whole grain. This month they included linguini and pappardelle pasta which we can’t wait to top with our favorite sauce. As soon as we got the box, we heat up their fresh berry gallette which is a yummy buttery pastry with delicious berries inside, almost like a lazy man’s apple pie. It was beautifully textured and bursting with flavor, and for a moment while we closed our eyes we were on a plane to Paris, walking the streets of the Champs De Elysee with a baguette and a hunk of cheese in hand, nostrils inhaling the scent of an apricot pastry, and eyeing beautiful pasta through the windows of a local gourmet shop. Someday we will return, and for now we will enjoy Wildgrain’s high quality carbs at home.


Frozen Berry Galette Best Boston Meal Kits in Boston During Coronavirus Covid Days



Life Alive

Stuck inside and want to nourish your body and soul? Us too! Although they haven’t expanded delivery options everywhere yet, Life Alive is another really great option for meal kit delivery during coronavirus. Our favorite meals include the Swami (think delicious miso and sweet raisins and carrots) and the Adventurer which is basically cheesy quinoa. You can select a 3 or 5 day option, and it’s as simple as tossing the ingredients together and zapping in the microwave. Let us know what you think!



Sundae Delivery!

Got a late night sweet tooth? Well our friends at Scoop N Scootery have perfected the late night sundae delivery! Check out our post to learn more about our favorite combos.


For more content on food in Boston, check out our blog!



Littleburg Vegetarian Kitchen

Want to bring unique vegetarian eats home? We’ve been enjoying Littleburg’s weekly eats for a while now, including their special make-y0ur-own gyro with seitan. Each dish is artfully created and tastes like an umami of senses! Inspired by greek cuisine, this unique spot offers elevated casual eats to their own take on the classics. The one challenge for us that they do use a lot of tree nuts which means we have to hide it from family members who are allergic. But each week we really look forward to it! They post new menus each Sunday.




Eva’s Little Kitchen

Do you crave comfort food like everything bagel mini hot dogs or pomegranate brisket? Like creative cold salads and hand-crafted delights? Eva’s offers delicious home delivery of her home cooked meals. We’ve been so fortunate to eat them. The prep work is minimal — for example, you may heat up some potato chips and assemble a black bean burger, and you’ll love her take on the classic comforts!



Happy Jars

Although not a true meal “kit”, we are LOVING Happy Jars salad delivery. Each week we get multiple 30 ounce salad jars delivered fresh to our home. We are loving the local vegetables that are included, and our favorite salads include the udon peanut salad and even their soups from turkey and rice to vegetable. If you want to introduce some delicious health to your diet, there isn’t a better way!


On every Boston Food Tour and Chocolate Tour, we serve a variety of unique foods and treats to tickle your taste buds and indulge your senses and sweet tooths. Really, there is something for everyone on our unique experiences. So check our Tour Calendar and join us soon.

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