The Top Greek Food in Boston

What's the best greek food in Boston? We love greek food and order it most weeks as well as make it at home. Our favorite top greek food in Boston is here in this round-up, but we are always looking for more!

We love Mediterranean food of all kind! But greek food has a very special place in our hearts. We have searched high and low in Boston for the best greek food in Boston, and here’s what we found. Of course there’s always room for more to try! Some greek food is super fancy and some is more casual. But so much is so tasty! Here’s our top greek food in Boston in no particular order.



Opa Greek Yeeros (Davis Square, Somerville)


On our Davis Square Food Tour, we visit George at Opa Greek Yeeros for some delicious and authentic yeeros. They include delicious french fries inside of their tasty gyros, and they offer vegetarian, lamb/beef, and chicken options. We’ve never had a bad meal here. It’s a fast casual place with limited seating and they also offer takeout. Best of all, George’s secret sauce is his family’s recipe for greek yogurt. Mom Sophia is a Boston legend for her Sophia’s Greek Yogurt which can be purchased at Sophia’s Greek Pantry in Watertown and Lowell. If you’re lucky, you can pick up a pint of her incredible yogurt in their refrigerated case.


The Top Greek Food in Boston



Saloniki (Harvard Square, Cambridge)


They package everything up so nicely for takeout or delivery, but Saloniki is actually a really beautiful casual spot. The location in Harvard Square is no exception. Find out more about this delicious spot on our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour! Hint: we recommend their nutella baklava loukoumades! 🙂



Krasi (Back Bay, Boston)


For not only delicious and authentic greek food but also a cool experience, visit Krasi — which some think is some of the best food in Boston’s Back Bay.



Esperia Grill (Brighton, MA)


Next to Allston, MA is Brighton which has a bustling town center and is home of Esperia Grill. They have delicious authentic greek food and even make homemade greek dressing which you can purchase by the bottle. We are partial to their hummus and also think their food is a good value.



Zo (Somerville, MA and Boston, MA)


We’ve been going here for years for lunch in downtown Boston, but they also have a location in Assembly Row in Somerville. They make delicious sides, and we think their bread is yummy. Try the red pepper hummus, yum!



Farm Grill (Needham Street, Newton)


I’ve been going to the Farm Grill since it opened in 1996 as my grandmother lived a few blocks away. When I got my dog, I used to bring her with me and she’d sit outside with me at the tables outside and enjoy the people walking by on Needham Street. I’ve tried every plate, every kabob, every salad and soup and side. It’s all satisfying!



Desfina (Kendall Square, Cambridge)

A true neighborhood restaurant, Desfina has some really interesting food. It’s a super unique place and sort of hard to describe. But if you go, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! Very very tasty!




Littleburg Vegetarian Kitchen (Somerville, MA)

Check out this incredible vegetarian spot inside a garage on our Union Square Food Tour! Littleburg has really unique food include cannot-be-missed seitan gyros that you can order not only there but also at home. We often get their weekly delivery to our house and cook up some delightful and unique cuisine worthy of a chef tasting!



Greek Corner (Davis Square, Somerville, MA)

This was walking distance to our home and often tasty, but sometimes missed the spot. They have really yummy greek fries but things like their chicken lemon soup were hit or miss. They definitely have some ardent fans, though, so it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area!



Gyro City (Boston, MA and Brighton, MA)

They are always so nice here! Delicious food that tastes authentic to us and yummy tzatziki if that’s your thing!



Athenian Corner  or Olympia Restaurant (Lowell, MA)

We love Lowell, and have offered a Lowell Food Tour. Athenian Corner – this spot always has great entertainment and is both a restaurant and cultural center for the area. Olympia is great for larger functions and is delicious as well. Maybe you can try them both and report back?



Committee (Boston, MA)

Okay I may be partial to this spot because I had my bachelorette party here. Committee is a wonderful spot not only for the food but also for the atmosphere. Occasionally I find it too salty, but there’s definitely something for everyone – and it’s served a bit more upscale. They also have yummy drinks.



My Other Kitchen (Belmont, MA)

This small kitchen feels so homey. They have mediterranean food and some greek dishes including delicious gyros.



Greco (Back Bay, Boston, MA)

Greco has multiple spots around town and is in the food hall by the TD Garden. They have a good following, and some say it’s the best gyro in Boston. We love that they put french fries inside, which is truly the only right answer.



Kava Neo Taverna (South End, Boston, MA)

Kava is a beautiful spot in the South End and has a wonderful greek menu. Lots of people love their octopus especially and their sides. It’s always really busy in there, so make sure you plan ahead!



Demos (Watertown, MA)

We have been going to Demo’s forever for most of our lives, but it turns out that two younger greek brothers decided to revitalize it! They renovated the building and updated the experience and their pride shows!



Gigi’s Pizza Co (Watertown, MA)

Love spanakopita? Gigi’s Pizza in Watertown serves MASSIVE slices of spinach pie. And they’re quite tasty! So if you’re in the mood for a calzone-size slice that’s half the size of your head, then swing by this off-the-beaten-path place and enjoy. Of course, we are super fans of lots of local pizza shops and their delicious greek salads and pies. We’ll continue to post ones that are unique and tasty, but feel free to message us for more delicious greek food near me.


So that’s our round-up of our favorite Greek food in Boston. What did we miss?


Check out more Off The Beaten Path Food Tours info in our Blog and also our Tour Calendar for more information. We run food tours and chocolate tours weekly – check us out!

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